How to try out Looker.

I am interested in Looker and would like to try it out.
I signed up for the Looker Free Trial by following the steps below.

1. I accessed the Google Cloud service
2. I clicked on the "Looker" link
3. I clicked on the "Request Free Trial" link.
4. I filled out the form "Free 14-day trial".
5. received an automated email a day ago. Details are below.

------------------ I received this email.

Thanks for requesting a free 14-day trial of Looker! We’re so glad you’re interested in seeing Looker in action.

Our team will be following up with you shortly, in the meantime check out this ebook and learn how Looker helps companies create a seamless experience with data.

 The Looker Team


After receiving the email, I did not receive any access information for the free trial. How can I try Looker?


I’m glad to teach me this answer.


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