How to concat similar names into 1 value in single row

  • 26 October 2022
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Hey Gurus,

I try to achieve to concat for a row.
Yellow are the row numbers and coloured gray is what I try to achieve. 
As you can see in column B, I have 2 times name “Hermiona” 2 times “Kamil” and 1 time Jacob and in column C I have their waiting time in minutes.
1. What I try to achieve is, if there matched names to have the name 1 time like in column D and have the sum up of the results which belong to that person name like in column E
2. I also try to exclude any results that are less than 15 mins waiting time like in column B6 and C6 (coloured green) 

I tried to use couple of list and concat formulas but couldn’t manage it. Any help? 


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