Found a bug with anchor link navigation

  • 14 July 2022
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I’m working on a markdown file as the Looker landing page. Noticed this bug:

I want to have navigation links to help users jump to different sections on the same page. However the nav link only works on the first click. 


Example code:


<nav><a href=”#section_a_begin”>Jump to section A</a> <a href=”#section_b_begin”>Jump to section B</a><nav>

<div> ...some stuff </div>

<div>...some more stuff</div>

<a name=”section_a_begin” />

<h2>Section A</h2>

<p>Section A content</p>

<a name=”section_b_begin” />

<h2>Section B</h2>

<p>Section B content</p>


Step to reproduce:

Click `Jump to section A` → jumped to section A → scroll back to nav links → click `Jump to section A` again → nothing happens

if you then click `Jump to section B` and scroll back then `Jump to section A` works again.


Also tried nav by id, same issue.


Could you please fix it? Many thanks.

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