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  • 9 February 2019
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Most companies thought of using machine learning for their company but they fail at execution. Once you have Looker, you are able to drive machine learning to your data with the help of Google BigQuery.

Google BigQuery is designed for enterprise data warehouse. Well, a better alternative than Snowflake of course! You can get more information at If you are a small-medium enterprise (SME) with less than 10GB of data, well then you can run it for free.

But anyways! Back to the topic of machine learning. This is a video tutorial by Looker on creating a dashboard to identify customer churn or conversion using logistic and binary regression models. View the video at

If you’re interested, you can read more about how you can use Looker with Google BigQuery over at

Oh. And an application I love to use is RapidMiner. It is an application targeted to use machine learning to identify churning customers, fraud detection and etc. It is really powerful and it really helps if you want to drill down on your data or perform data preparation before importing to Looker. There is so much to explore with RapidMiner as they have plugins available. You can find more about it at

I’m really into using machine learning to identify trends and view our data in another angle that one might miss. I have been building some dashboards on RapidMiner as well for churn analysis on past sales data to predict churning customers. If you’re into it as well, let’s connect!

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