Concurrency issues with redshift

  • 9 January 2018
  • 3 replies

We have a looker instance of about 30-40 weekly users. We just switched from postgres to redshift connection. we’re noticing that redshift is starting to lock up and many queries are timing out.

Has anyone run into similar issues? How did you solve? Thanks

3 replies

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This really depends - we have over 100 weekly users and most of the time RS is fine as we have a cluster of 7 small servers, although users running busy dashboards can cause problems occasionally.

Have you looked into the queries that are being run and applied RS-specific tuning? Also dashboard design can be key (tailoring looks so they use the exact same query where possible).

What’s locking the tables? You might take a look into that as a first measure. I find these resources which may help to this end:

Thanks for the advice and resources! I’ll dig in and see what I can learn.