Best format to ingest forecast data into Looker ?

  • 17 February 2021
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Hey everyone !

So I am wondering what’s the best way to ingest forecast data into Looker which is csv/xls format? I am totally in the dark here.
Should it one of these 2 formats :

  1. I leave features such as region and vertical in their own columns so that later I can combine relevant groupings in Looker.
  2. I combine all relevant features into row names.


Is it something completely different?

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1 reply

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Hi Abhi,


The ingestion would need to be into the warehouse, rather than into Looker.


I would recommend keeping the data at the most granular level, and create any aggregations in Looker.


In your case, I would recommend creating multiple rows, and only one column which contains the forecast amount.


Hope this helps!