Training internal colleagues on how to use Looker with Fruit Basket Exercise

  • 10 March 2023
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I would like to use content from the following article (From Join 2017 conference)to structure my internal learn looker academy for my colleagues on how to use Looker as our internal BI tool. The exercise in on a hard coded LookML code based on a fruit basket and it also had google slides that goes with it.


I have used this 2 years ago to teach looker and it was extremely successful and help a lot in getting buy in to keep looker as our BI tool. I am wondering if anyone in the community maybe has access to the exercise especially the google slides. I remember the LookML and could code it but sadly I cannot find the google slides with the exercises. I did reach out to support on this but they could not help as the links in the article are all broken and they seem not to find who has access to them :(. Any help will be appreciated.


The sample training deck is also in this article but link is also broken

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