Looker Business Analyst certification!

  • 25 March 2021
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Hi All, I would appreciate any help in my Looker BA Certification journey. I have been trying to interview and a lot of the places that I would LOVE to work at use Looker. I have been trying to get enough experience to get certified but I have not been able to pass the certification with just the free training materials :sweat::pensive:

Are there any other resources out there that might help me prepare? Any advice or tips are welcome. Thanks in advance!!

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4 replies

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Unfortunately there’s no way to get a free trial with Looker at the moment. This is one of the downsides of Looker. There’s no way to gain experience unless you’re in a company that uses it. Not sure if Looker will try to address this inequality and lack of help for newcomers, especially in order to get a certificate. 



Even if we had more resources, the biggest problem is lack of available testing instance where people could try it.. 


@Michael  do you know if there are any plans of addressing this ever-growing gap?

Hi @dikshide I think you could try using

But I am not 100% sure you can use it without a Looker account. 

Hopefully it works for free! :grinning:

Using Looker was not challenging because I had used other visualisation software like Tableau. However, I think having a public version would be great. It makes the community grow bigger!

Hi @dikshide ,You can actually request access for Looker sandbox environment.Try and ask them to create an account for This sandbox is more useful for LookML developers but you can play with the existing explores to create charts, calculations etc. I learnt a lot in the sandbox environment. Hope it helps!Happy Learning :slight_smile: