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  • 11 August 2021
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Hi All,

I’m Newbie at Looker. I’m trying to understand the capabilities of this tool and compare with other BI tools. I’m working with Power BI and SAP Analytics Cloud in the last few years. I have some questions, I will be glad if you answer what you know from the questions.

  1. How does Looker work ? Import data method or Live connection method ?
  2. Does Looker need any setup to connect databases ? Like gateway etc…
  3. Does Looker has ETL Layer to make transformations ?
  4. Can we create a report from excel file ? 
  5. Can I create my own connection. (For example Dremio or SAP Business Warehouse)
  6. Can we connect multiple data source and combine them ? 
  7. Does Looker only developed from Web or can be worked on desktop with offline ? (For ex. Power BI can allow working offline on personal computer)
  8. Does Looker have a Mobil integration ? (Can we reach reports from mobile)
  9. Is there any option to develop predictive models in Looker ?
  10. Does Looker has IBCS certification ? (International Business Communication Standards )

If anyone have experience at Power BI or SAP Analytics cloud and working with Looker, Could you please make some comments what Looker does better/worse compare to other BI tools.

1 reply

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Hey there!


Looker is a platform which does not import your data but queries it live, it can be accessed online but not offline, you can create various connections, build derived tables, we have some predictive models and yes, we do have Mobile app.


It would be really difficult to compare it just by asking questions or using sandbox options. Please feel free to request a demo here and one of my colleagues will reach out to you and will arrange a call to answer all your questions.