How can I drill down in Looker?

  • 4 November 2021
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Hello! Let's suppose that I have a table with 2 columns: date and sales. Then, I created a graph, where the X axis is date and Y is the sales. Is there a way to control how date is grouped just like a drill down in Datastudio? Example: if a click in a button, the date will be organized by week, or month, or quarter, or year.

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3 replies

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Hi Bruno,

If you are looking for timeframes dimensions (field picker availae with time dimensions)  you should implement a dimension group in X column (date column)

Dimension group syntax in LookML


If you are looking for a dashboard with a dynamic filters that impact a visualization, you will need:


1. looker parameter  object.



Place your looker parameter in the view lookML.

For instance:


  parameter: timeframe_picker {
label: "Date Granularity"
type: string
allowed_value: { value: "Date" }
allowed_value: { value: "Week" }
allowed_value: { value: "Month" }
default_value: "Date"


2.(depending on your SQL vendor the syntax may change) a new dimension using a  SQL CASE-WHEN logic  .


For instance:

dimension: dynamic_timeframe {
type: string
label_from_parameter: timeframe_picker
WHEN {% parameter timeframe_picker %} = 'Date' THEN CONVERT(varchar(120),${orders.created_date})
WHEN {% parameter timeframe_picker %} = 'Week' THEN CONVERT(varchar(120),${orders.created_week})
WHEN{% parameter timeframe_picker %} = 'Month' THEN CONVERT(varchar(120),${orders.created_month})
END ;;

Notice that curly brackets “{% %}”  are part of Liquid - Looker functionality. 


Here is a full example which explains how to create a looker  dynamic field based on  looker parameters .



Thank you so much! :) 

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Thank you so much! :) 

You are welcome! 

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