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  • 27 October 2020
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Want to earn some shiny Looker badges? This is the always-updated guide on what badges we reward community members with, letting you demonstrate your data expertise to the rest of the community.  These are super simple to start. In the coming months, we’ll be adding more badges and ranks!




Name Badge Description / How to Earn
Launch Day


This badge is granted to the community members that joined & introduced themselves on the launch day of this new community.


This badge is granted to community members that find and file a new bug report.
Data Explorer


This badge is granted to members of the Data Explorers Guild.
Looker Certified


These badges are granted to community members that have verified their Looker Certification status.


This badge is granted to community members that have helped a large number of users answer their questions     
Discourse Denizens


This badge is granted to community members that were part of the original Looker Community, a.k.a “Discourse”. 
Looker Legend coming soon coming soon...:zipper_mouth:
    We’ll have many more badges unveiled in the coming weeks and months!




Name Description / How to Earn
New Member Sign up and log in!
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Good Looker 15 replies, 5 new topics, 5 answers, and at least 1 like given :)
Looker Staff Reserved for Looker Employees. This is how you know who’s who.
Community Admin Reserved for Community Administrators.





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