Accessing the Developer Side of Looker Studio

  • 9 March 2023
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Hi Everyone 

My apologies for the absolute newbie nature of this question, but I cannot find an answer anywhere.

I have recently  been introduced to Looker Studio and I absolutely love it. Really good fun and a real time-saver.

I want to now start making my dashboards a bit more bespoke, and it looks as though I have to use LookerML as a ‘Developer”.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find how to enable that from Looker Studio.  I have seen many screenshots of what the promised land looks like when one gets there, but nothing about the route in.

Could someone give me simple step-by step instructions on how to do it?

I have registered on Looker Studio as a lone user and my screen looks like the screenshot below  when I access it.  

Thank you very much in advance if you have time to help me.

best wishes 

Andy Z 



1 reply

Can anyone help with this ??

Thanks in advance ….