Why do I keep getting a schedule failure email even after deleting the schedule?

  • 7 November 2022
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I’m an admin on our Looker instance and for the past few weeks now, I’ve been getting a schedule failure email saying another employee’s scheduled report could not be delivered and to visit the content to view or resolve the error. The content does not exist anymore. The schedule was deleted a while back and I’ve sudo’d in as this employee to confirm that they do not have this schedule enabled.

I can’t find a record of it in the Schedule history either. It’s just a phantom schedule that’s sending me error emails every week.

The exact error I get is - Error: Error occurred while generating this dashboard - contact administrator (error: Render job 4297ff48637b5d7d5eb4cf158be34aed failed [query failed: IP is not allowed to access Snowflake. Contact your local security administrator or please create a case with Snowflake Support or reach us on our support line: USA: +1 855 877 7505 Netherlands: +31 20 899 0033 Germany: +49 30 7675 83])

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