WhatsApp GB 2021 Aero: understand the risks and benefits of its use

  • 22 March 2021
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WhatsApp Aero is a modified version of the original application (MOD), created with the aim of attracting messenger users who are looking for extra functions. The program accompanies other clones, such as WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Plus. Although they offer numerous advantages, MODs leave users vulnerable and can cause permanent expulsion from the original WhatsApp account.

Generally speaking, WhatsApp Aero uses the messenger source code without permission and works only on Android devices starting with version 4.0. Inspired by WhatsApp Fouad Mods, its biggest attraction is the vast possibilities of customization of the interface. 

What is the differential of WhatsApp Aero?


In addition to allowing customization, which includes font personalization, the Turkish application has other benefits, such as the identification of those who visited the user's profile and greater flexibility in sending files, accepting formats that the original app does not support. .

In WhatsApp Aero, there is integration of all emojis, such as Facebook and WhatsApp itself, and there is also the possibility of creating new models. For those who value privacy, it is possible to hide the media exchanged in the app from the gallery. Finally, the MOD still prevents the exclusion of messages sent - which can be considered a huge advantage, especially by the on-call onlookers.

How to use the MOD?


Being a clone, the program is not accepted in the Google app store. Therefore, it is necessary to download, via file, an unofficial APK, and allow access to programs that are not available on Google Play.

To do so, enter the "Settings" menu of your cell phone and click "Applications"; now, authorize the use of “unknown sources”. For security reasons, Android devices leave the factory with the function disabled - after all, their activation exposes the software and allows the action of malicious programs. To download the app, just click here.

It is possible to choose two versions: one with classic icons and the other with modern icons (most recommended by the website). The user can also choose the language of the app, which can be in Portuguese, English, Turkish or Spanish.

Once the installation is complete, the program accesses the contact list, and the user can now exchange messages. It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary that the recipients have the MOD to receive the contents sent.

WhatsApp Aero x GB WhatsApp


But, after all, what is the difference between WhatsApp Aero and GB WhatsApp ? Although they work in the same way, Aero has a wider interface customization, allowing the customization of images, themes, fonts, backgrounds and even emojis, as already mentioned.

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