Using AWS Code Commit for Version Control in Looker

  • 1 September 2018
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Use this post together with the Looker Document Setting Up Version Control to configure your version control with AWS Code Commit. We recommend connecting over HTTPS following these steps:

To use AWS Code Commit, you will first need to set up an IAM User with Code Commit Access

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at

  2. In Users click “Add user”

  3. Give your user a name and check the box for AWS Management Console access

  4. Choose how you want to set up the password, then click Next: Permissions

  5. Under ‘Set Permissions’ choose Attach existing policies directly and search for and select AWSCodeCommitFullAccess then Next: Review

  6. Finish creating user with the “create user” button

  7. Go find your new user in the Users tab in the IAM Console and click on them

  8. Under the Security credentials tab, scroll down to HTTPS Git credentials for AWS CodeCommit and click Generate

  9. Download your credentials

Next we will log in to Code Commit as this user and set up a repository:

10 . Open the AWS CodeCommit console at

11 . Create a repository. Once created, it will show you the clone url, which will be formatted like: ssh://git-codecommit.< your-region >< yourreponame >

You have to toggle to HTTPS to get the right URL.

Now in Looker, in your project go to Configure Git

12 . Enter the https url for your repository in Repository URL

13 . Select Custom Git Configuration from the dropdown

14 . For Username and Password, use the credentials that you downloaded in step 9 above.

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