Update all projects at once

  • 8 November 2017
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Is there a way to update all projects at once? Today, in the develop mode, I have to go to each and every project and update it or synch it but wondering if there is an option to do all at once.

FYI - we use our system for supporting our clients and so we have about 30 odd projects to keep up with.

6 replies

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Hey @Kartheek,

There are currently two possible actions performed via the API to “update” a project: reset to production and reset to remote. These actions allow you to revert a project to production or to the remote dev branch, respectively. There isn’t an endpoint available to pull & merge changes into your local dev branch. Is that the sort of “update” you’re talking about?



Yeah, kind of but wanting to do it from a UI directly. So in other words take a look at this - See how I have to go to each project and pull from production. I would love to have an option to sync all my projects at once.

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@Kartheek Alright, that makes sense! It’s not currently possible to globally sync the dev mode for all projects via the UI, but I’m going to share your use case with the product team.

Ok, thanks. Let me know what the product team says. Would like to know if it is in plan for future and if so, any timelines on when it could be.

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@Kartheek Sure thing. Product development is driven by the priority of the feature, the vision/direction of the organization, and customer feedback. There currently isn’t a plan to implement this capability, but I’ve shared it for consideration.

HI @philip.martinelli  Is there any update on this?