Unable to view markdown in instance using shared filestore

  • 31 October 2022
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I am working through the tutorial for setting up a clustered instance here:


I have verified the MySQL application database is working as expected. However, when I migrate models and deploy keys to the shared filesystem (Google Cloud Filestore) the application starts fine and I have access to models but I get the following issue.

I cannot view markdowns via the link: <host>/projects/<project_name>/documents/<file>.md

I can however still view them in the development IDE via <host>/projects/<project_name>/files/<file>.md 

In particular this issue means we cannot give users a landing page to navigate through dashboards.

My user has full admin privileges (including the access_data permission) and I have set the --shared-storage-dir in LOOKERARGS as specified in the tutorial. My thoughts are that either there’s something I’ve missed when moving files to the shared storage or that Looker is looking in the wrong place for the /projects/<project_name>/documents endpoint. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

1 reply

Update on this:

I tested adding the markdown page to a models/<project> folder in the local directory and I was then able to view it as a user in the Looker application. 

It appears that the --shared-storage-dir argument is only pointing some endpoints to the shared directory, whereas others (in this case /projects/<project_name>/documents/) still try to point to the local directory. I believe this is a bug in the Looker application itself.