Unable to Start Looker after Upgrading to to v22.8.89 (using MySql database)

  • 18 August 2022
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We are trying to upgrade our looker version to v 22.8.89, which requires AES-256 GCM encryption. Our environment does not run on the internal looker database but instead an external MySql instance. We created a CMK and ran the migrate_encryption command, this was successful but when try to start looker we are seeing a GCM encryption related error (shown below).

We have searched the looker knowledge base but could not find any info specific to how to successfully migrate encryption for Looker instance that runs on external database, we also noticed quite a number of support article where others are experiencing this issue but no solution provided.

Can you please provide any useful information that would help us resolve this issue and enables us upgrade our looker version? Thanks

Error starting Looker: This Looker instance must be migrated to GCM encryption using 'migrate_encryption'.

1 reply


I’ve highlighted the docs here.

In short:

If your Looker instance starts with either the -d <db.yaml> or the --internal-db-creds=<db.yaml> startup options, which provide a path to a YAML file with your database credentials, you will need to include the same option with the java -jar looker.jar migrate_encryption command.

For example, java -jar looker.jar migrate_encryption -d /path/file - otherwise we’re running the migrate_encryption command on the HyperSQL packaged internal DB.