Scheduled Plan vs Scheduled Job

  • 14 December 2020
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I need to run some analysis for me company regarding scheduling impact on regular users.

I am using the Scheduled Plan system explore.

Can someone illuminate me on the relationship/context difference between a scheduled job and a scheduled plan?


Thank you :)

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2 replies

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Might have it the wrong way round as not looked for a while but Job is an instance of a plan run. So a plan might be daily and appear once and you should have a record of that plan running every day (job).

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IanT is pretty much spot on. A scheduled plan is any definition of a single schedule. It is either a schedule you create on a dashboard or look, or a one-time run of a schedule via the “Send’ option.


If you create a schedule for a Look or Dashboard, anytime that it runs it’ll be based on a single scheduled plan, and it will create a new scheduled job for every run. 


“Run once” schedules when you hit “Test’ on a schedule or “Send” in a dashboard/look dropdown are unique in that they create a one-time schedule plan and for that plan there is exactly one job that runs to deliver the data.