Schedule delivery not working

  • 14 April 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi all,


I’ve been trying to use the schedule delivery option but for some reason I am not receiving anything? 

I have tried “test now” and “send now” but it isn’t working.

Several other people from the company have tried as well and it isn’t working whereas it worked last night when testing.

Has anyone encounter this issue before?


Thanks a lot 



1 reply

I can say we have an embedded version of Looker in our system and the scheduled reports are always an issue. The biggest reason for us is large dashboards with more than 25 tiles get hung up in connecting to the database and get dropped due to server timeout. Not on Looker side is the timeout but on our source database. This causes Looker to just drop the jobs. Very frustrating because you are not alerted that anything was wrong. Just don’t get the email. My suggestion is if they are very large dashboards to reduce them or split them. However you may need someone to go check and make sure you do not have any jobs stuck. I suggest creating a single look dashboard with a very simple call. Schedule it and see if it goes. If it does not then you need to get support to look for stuck jobs hanging the system. If it does work on the simple small one but fails on larger ones it is a timeout issue. 


Looker really needs to have a much better system of alerting when jobs fail to be generated. That part of the Looker system is in serious need of attention. It is beyond a fail to just have the jobs fail with no warning or alert that a job failed. Nothing we can do about that but looker should really work on that.