RETIRED: Parameterizing Connections with User Attributes

  • 20 December 2016
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Is it possible to do user base login to Google BigQuery while connecting through Looker 4.8? Right now we are using serive account to connect GBQ but having at the user level that will help to control data level access for the users. Is there a documentation avaialble for the same. At GBQ side access is control at LDAP level.

3 replies

@kshah7 The auth scheme you’re looking for is something that Looker presently doesn’t do with Google BigQuery but I’ll talk to our product team as it’s a great idea!

I just retired this article, adding a note with links to that information in Looker Docs.

Hi, is there any improvement about this problem ? We want to reach BQ with user accounts on looker not service accounts when we created database connection