Private Key authentication for SFTP

  • 21 March 2019
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Are there any near-term plans to support using public and private keys for SFTP?

9 replies

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This isn’t on a roadmap right now, but I’m going to split this out into a Feature Request topic to be tracked.

As a healthcare company, my business would greatly benefit from this feature.

  • To comply with HIPAA requirements, we share most of our files with clients using SFTP and don’t have the option of simply emailing them or using other low-security methods.

  • Some of our clients have internal security policies that allow for the whitelisting of at most 3 IP addresses per business associate. In the US, Looker requires the whitelisting of 5 IP addresses (which could be avoided altogether this feature.)

Please consider rolling this out in your next product update as this is an important feature for any healthcare/finance/high-security industry. (It’s also the gold standard for secure connections in general and is widely used in the analytics software space.)

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@Will_Leone thank you for providing that kind of detail so that the Looker team has more info about why this is a blocker for SFTP use currently. We are also in the healthcare space and face similar constraints.

@izzy do you have any update on where y’all are at with supporting this feature?

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Hi @izzy I ran into same problem and idea if we can get this feature. I also need to authenticate via private keys :)

@izzy Are there any updates here? This is something that would be very useful and I would like to understand if this is still not on the roadmap for Looker. Thank you!


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Hi @izzy - Are you in a position to advise whether a Feature Request has been initiated for this and if so, can you give an indication of an ETA.

Demand for this feature seems to be increasing.

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Hi @izzy  -  Please could you provide an update on the support of Private Keys. It seems that our request for updates ends up in a blackhole.

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@izzy -Please post an update