Please stabilise IP address changes for Looker allowlists

  • 13 November 2021
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I track the “Enabling secure database access” page on the Looker docs, as part of maintaining a Terraform module with the relevant IP address.


Every time a change is made on the docs, I release a new version accordingly so Looker customers can update their security groups much more easily.


However, the last 2 updates have been weird on this doc.

On 7th Nov 2021, the following changes were made:

Here’s a HTML diff version:


On 12th Nov, all of the above changes were undone: The current version of the document again includes as an example. Does this mean this IP was not used for 5 days?

IP address allowlists are infrastructure level changes, and customers expect these to be stable over time. Adding new IPs and removing them in the same week doesn’t look very stable - so I’d like to confirm these changes.







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Created a support ticket and got a reply back confirming that these changes were indeed a mistake:

I understand that the changes in the IP's is something important and should be consistent. We have been through some improvements in our docs due to mismatch of information mainly for EKS though, but we are on a safe stage for now.

I believe that was just a mistake that we've managed to correct within 5 days. Because the IP for us-east1 has been in part of the list for about a year. We would expect to making such changes as less as possible and the current information should be the updated one.

Flávia O.
Department of Customer Love