PDTs not working in BigQuery

  • 22 January 2021
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I’ve just started using looker and I’m able to use it to query my data in BigQuery but I can’t use PDTs.

Testing the connection returns the following:

  • Can connect

  • Can cancel queries

  • Can run simple select query

  • Can find temp schema "looker_temp_dataset" in database "mydataset"

  • Cannot use persistent derived tables in temp schema "looker_temp_dataset" in database "mydataset": could not create or write to pdt connection registration table looker_temp_dataset.connection_reg_r3


Validating the LookML after adding persist_for to the view shows the following error:


Can't construct persistent derived table my_pdt, connection bigquery could not be registered


Any idea what could be causing this?

The connection is configured as in the screenshot below and I’ve given my service account the BigQuery Admin role just to make sure it wasn’t down to privileges in BigQuery.




1 reply


Did you try to push ‘’mydataset’’ in your Temp Dataset?