Migrating From On Prem to Looker Hosted Instance, any experiences anyone can share?

  • 3 August 2020
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We are planning to move our on prem hosted instance to the cloud and have Looker Host it for us. Anyone who have gone through this process and is willing to share their experiences?


2 replies

It’s been a total nightmare for us. We started the process in January and just in the last week or so they finally got around to any technical work involved in moving it. My best guess is Looker only cares about making the sale. Once they have you I really don’t think they care. Along with that they are so busy nobody has the time to help. We are only able to interact with their support team in this process via email, and every time it’s send an email, wait 5 days for a response. By the time we actually get around to turning up the hosted instance with our content, our content will be 30 days behind. I don’t know about you, but we can’t stop all work for 30 days and wait on looker. 


I am shocked. SHOCKED at how bad Looker customer service has been during this process. We came onboard in October 2020. Biggest mistake I made was simply not going with the looker hosted instance from the beginning. That’s a whole other issue, in that they really don’t care about you when you host your own instance. Any problem and it’s simply you are a dumb customer that doesn’t know what you are doing. They won’t really try and help you resolve any technical issues with your own hosted instance. 

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Total opposite experience for us regarding migration, we had several chats with a member from their ops team, ran 2 test migrations to iron out issues before the final move. Hosted server a bit sluggish in areas over following weeks but upsized a few times after discussed with them (usual support channels). We didn’t need a whole lot of help to plan it other than just knowing a few more specific details and we kind of told them the plan/timeline so just needed a window that suited them as well. Vince from ops was great!

Hosting our own instance and having issues was harder to get support on but that’s just a reality I feel.