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  • 23 September 2021
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Hi all,


I’ve recently completed most of Looker Connect trainings, amassed by how interactive the training could be the level of integration Looker has with Google Cloud!


Completely understand Looker Connect is still in testing, just having a few suggestions/doubts would like to offer:


  1. For Data Consumer training module, as you can see I have completed lesson 6 data viz best practice, which means I’ve finished ‘1. Validate Problem / Opportunity with Data’, I would naturally think there are ‘2. xxx’, ‘3. xxx’ etc afterwards. However, currently there isn’t any other module available/can be found?
  2. For Looker developer course, I have completed until ‘Lesson 3 Working with Looker Content’. Lesson 3 teaches about filter and sharing looker content. However, the lab exercise does not cover the filter concept at all? 

  3. Lastly, just in terms of learning challenges and DEG program posted in Looker community, I do find its really intriguing and especially helpful for beginners like me who wants to explore data in Looker and discover the full potentials of Looker. I want to be part of the learning challenge. 

    However, the current model is not allowing me. I’m an individual end user who doesn’t have access to Looker. I did register in DEG and still not able to join any of the challenges/DEG activities...Could someone please point out a path for me? 

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