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Are you guys planning to add event tracking any time soon? I’d like to fire an event as well when a user is identified.

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Hi Kay -

I’m not aware that we are planning to add event tracking, but I’ll call this to the attention of the Product team for their consideration.

I really like this feature, but it’s currently a bit limited for our use-case. We have two Segment projects for different products.

Is it planned to add multiple Segment write keys in the Looker admin? We could then select a destination from a drop-down in the Schedule options (Segment1, Segment2).

Hi Robin -

At present, there is a way of doing something like this, but whether it is useful to you depends on your use case. If your use case would support per user direction to specific segment destinations, the work flow would be:

  1. Go to ‘User Attributes’ in the Looker Admin panel and create a segment write-key user attribute

  2. Select ‘user attribute’ when enabling the Segment action in Looker

  3. Select the Segment write-key user attribute that you created

As for a more widely applicable implementation along the lines that you mention, it sounds like a good idea and I’ll pass the idea to Product.

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Adding track calls would be a great way to trigger nurture actions in Marketo.

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Track and group calls are coming soon! Thanks for your interest and feedback.


Are the track and group call coming soon? Would LOVE to have this working.


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Hi @Marceau_Boulenger,

It is on our Product team radar. I cannot give any timeframes at this time, but appreciate your interest. Keep an eye on our release notes.

Hey everyone,

Want to share my experience with Segment integration. We had some issues when we are trying to send more than20-30k record at the same time as Looker fail to send all the info and the query failled.

What we end up doing is a basic filter that send all the record created at the same hour of the day, and schedule it every hour. As a result, we have all our 300k records send to segment in 24 hours.

Just a tip I though I could share

Hi Marceau,

Thank you for sharing the tip, that is a neat solution!



Do you have an official list of Segment properties that can be sent via Looker Actions with Lookml Tags?

In addition to the tags “user_id” and “email”, which are working for me, I am trying unsuccessfully to send “createdAt”, per Segment guidance. Looker Support believes the “createdAt” tag is being ignored by my Looker Action to Segment.

If that’s true, would be great to know if there’s a roadmap for adding support for additional Segment tags.

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Looks like we support UserId, SegmentAnonymousId, Email, and SegmentGroupId— Filched from the code itself:

There are not current plans to add additional segment tags from what I can see. The Action Hub is open source, though, so you could totally add them yourself and make a pull request 😄. You can also open an issue in the repo.

Is there some documentation on how to use the Tracks and Groups calls with this integration? See here for example helpful documentation I found for Identifies:


For example, for Tracks do we create a Look with columns “event”, “user_id”, and “event_parameter_X”?