Looker Actions - Marketo

Looker Actions - Marketo

Looker is launching a Marketo action, allowing customers to send customer lead lists to Marketo from within Looker. This action will allow Looker customers send Looker data to Marketo on a one-off or scheduled basis.

Enable the Marketo Action

Note: Your Looker instance must be on Looker 5.6.

  1. To enable the action in Looker, go to your Admin panel and the Actions Tab under the Platform header []. (Admin > Platform > Actions)

  2. Select “Enable” on the Action you would like to enable.

  3. In your Marketo console Admin > LaunchPoint []:

    1. Enable the Marketo API

    2. Note the Server Host URL, Client Id, and Client Secret.

      IMPORTANT: You must remove /rest from the end of the address. Only enter the part of the endpoint that looks like .

  4. Copy your Marketo authentication information and paste into the Looker Actions Page.

Tell Looker how columns in Looker map to fields in Marketo

  • For every dimension/measure that you want Looker to be able to send to Marketo, you must map it in the LookML to a Marketo field using tags.

  • The tag should follow the form marketo:<marketo field name> and should use the REST API name that Marketo gives the field. IMPORTANT: You must use the REST API name of the field, not the display name or SOAP API name.

  • You can read how to find Marketo API field names here.

  • You can add as many tags as you’d like to a Looker field, as long as it has the Marketo field.

Send data to Marketo

Great, now you’ve setup your API keys and LookML so that Looker can communicate with Marketo!

  1. In Looker, view a Look, explore data or view a dashboard to see the data you want to send to Marketo.

  2. Then start to send the data now or schedule the data to be sent later or periodically.

  3. In the Send or Schedule window’s Destination field, select “Marketo”.

  4. In the CampaignId field, specify the Marketo Campaign Id for the lead list file.

  5. Click Send.

    Your data will be in your Marketo!

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Hey there,

Quick question, if the person is removed from the Looker report, is the person removed from the list in Marketo? Or will it just not sync anymore?

Thx a lot

Hey @Marceau_Boulenger this data action is for adding records to Marketo, so the absence of a particular name won’t register on the Marketo side. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at our Help Center.

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This action is not currently supported by Looker. Looker is unable to respond to bugs or feature requests for this action. All actions are open source, so users may attempt to remedy any issues and implement a custom action."