Looker 6.24 page continually refreshing

  • 6 December 2019
  • 2 replies

Testing Looker 6.24 today (12/6/2019) and the screen keeps refreshing itself. No errors in the log, just never-ending refreshing to the page you request. Looker 6.22 is not doing this and is fine.

Tested fresh install of both 6.22 and 6.24. 6.24 refreshed the screen continuously after setup page is complete and EULA page is complete. 6.22 is fine.

Tested on Chrome and Edge browsers.

No errors in the log. Continuous 200 HTTP response from the same page.

2 replies

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We don’t have a record of this happening before and a lot of people have 6.24 now, so I think this is going to be super specific to your setup.

Smart as the hivemind of the Looker community is, this might be a good one to take straight to support so that you can privately share all of the specifics of your architecture and your log files. Please do let us know what the resolution is, though!

I did another fresh installation of the 6.24 jar files and I am not seeing this issue anymore. This may have been a local setup/needs rebooting issue unless a new looker build was put out since then. Either way, it is working! Thanks!