Long view names truncated?

  • 27 September 2018
  • 4 replies

I’ve noticed that view names longer than ~30 characters get truncated in the project view. Anyone else notice this behavior? Is this new, or has this always acted this way? Because of our naming convention, we have some long names, so to differentiate between files you need to mouse-over currently.

4 replies

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Hi @Adam_Weinstein,

I hope you are doing great. Thanks for bringing this up. It was a known issue on our end, which was fixed few weeks ago. Latest release of Looker would have that fix.

Hope it helps.

Having the same issue.

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This started again with the 22.10 release for us - is this a known bug?

@n_davis so it seems. I’m having that issue in Chrome, found a way around it by using Firefox instead.