Legacy Feature: Implicit Dashboard Default Timezone (Looker 4.10+)

  • 10 March 2017
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Looker 4.10 Introduces Several Time Zone Enhancements

In the latest Looker release, there are some new enhancements for time zones. It is now possible to:

  • save content with the dynamic time zone user_timezone

  • control the time zone in which dashboard tiles run

  • access the query time zone in liquid for crafting custom drill links

  • override the default time zone for saved content with the query_timezone url parameter

There are also a few visual tweaks related to time zone controls.

You can learn more the new features in this article.

The Legacy Feature

For continuity of dashboard time zone behavior, we introduced a Legacy Feature called Implicit Dashboard Default Timezone which will default to being enabled in 4.10.

When this feature is enabled, dashboard time zone default will continue to operate as it did prior to the upgrade:

  • When creating or editing a dashboard, you will not be able to save a default time zone for your dashboard.

  • Embedded dashboards will use the user’s time zone.

  • Non-embedded dashboards will use the time zones saved with each look.

In the legacy feature panel, the new setting is called Implicit Dashboard Default Timezone.

  • When User Specific Time Zones is disabled, the Implicit Dashboard Default Timezone setting has no effect.

  • When User Specific Time Zones and Implicit Dashboard Default Timezone are both enabled, a default timezone cannot be saved for a dashboard. Also, embedded dashboards will default to applying the current user timezone to all elements. For non-embedded dashboards, each tile will default to using the timezone saved in the tile’s underlying look.

2 replies

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Does this refer to “User Specific Time Zones” in the Admin/Settings panel?

@Jay_Stricks yes, that is correct. I must have used the wrong terminology when authoring this discourse post. I’ll edit it now. Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency,