Is anyone running a MySQL backed lookerdb with utf8mb4 charset / utf8mb4_unicode_ci?

  • 4 October 2018
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The instructions to setup a MySQL database for lookerdb don’t specify character-set or collation. We attempted to convert an existing lookerdb to utf8mb4 but a few columns failed the new length constraints.

I was curious if anyone was successfully able to start as utf8mb4 and if it caused any odd behavior or issues.


2 replies

Hi Tuck!

Our current supported encoding is UTF8. we want to move to utf8mb4 soon but currently it hasn’t been tested enough for us to recommend you use it. While there are no problems we are aware of that you will immediately run into if you use it, if you do run into issues it will be difficult for us to fix them since we aren’t running this on our test infrastructure yet.

Hope that helps!


Sara L.

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Any news on this topic @sara.leon ? I still can’t configure Looker to work with columns with utf8mb4_unicode collation