Import Excel data into Looker

  • 10 June 2015
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Can I import excel data into Looker?

I can find neither information/guide about it nor official infomation it’s not possible.

Thanks in advance.

9 replies

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Hi @karolina. This is not currently possible in a direct way; Looker doesn’t have an “import from Excel feature”. Depending upon what you are trying to do, I can suggest a couple options:

  1. Ask your database administrators if they can include that data in your analytics database. Then it would be available to Looker for modeling.

  2. If the table is static and small (just a little lookup table or something), you could manually add it into Looker as a derived table. Essentially you would just use a bunch of UNION statements to create the table. You might consider using Excel to generate the UNION statements for you. Although the query would look silly, if you persisted the derived table, it would have good query speed.

There has been some discussion internally about adding this feature to Looker, but I don’t know of any definite plans yet.

Hi Brett,

Any update on this?

I saw something a while back on connecting to ‘static’ tables which exist outside the the main database connection?



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Hi @Conr. Sorry, no definite plans yet. This hasn’t fit naturally into any of our recent product focus, but I’ll add your interest to the feature request.

Another alternative is to use lookers ability to pull data via google big query directly from a google sheet. Setup is a little challenging, but once you get it down, users can update google sheets so the data flows directly to a looker / big query connection.

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@stevesilvercar yes. this is a good workaround for anyone using BigQuery. Have used it in multiple Looker instances quite successfully.

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Hi Steve, do you have nay steps in how it work with BQ and Looker connection. User want to enter ids for stores in filters rather than manually entering them by selecting one after another. I like to have google sheet with those user entered ids and then import to Looker view, that can be use as suggestions or default value for the filter in Look.

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Hi @kshah7,

I definitely recommend giving this a read as it explains pretty well how to use Google Sheets and a BigQuery connection to get live data into Looker. And just in case you haven’t already or need to, here is the doc for setting up a BigQuery connection with Looker.




I’ve found that you can paste selections directly into a Looker filter all at once rather than one at a time. As long as you aren’t trying to select too many things (or too long – I imagine that there are URL length limits)… I’ve done this myself for user names and have been able to add 100 without much of an impact to performance. When I get to 500 names, it starts slowing down the browser and taking long for queries. I haven’t tried with google sheets, but it works for Excel (either in rows or columns), as well as comma (or CR) separated text.

@Brett_Sauve, any success in this direction?