How to revert pull requests from Looker via Github (3.20+)

  • 12 May 2015
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Git configuration in Looker has been updated in version 3.20 such that each user’s developer mode correlates with a branch (more here). With these changes, you can now introduce a Pull Request workflow for your Looker instance. Read more about integrating pull requests with Looker in Docs.

If a developer has issued a pull request on Github, and you would like to revert those changes, there are a couple of options:

If the pull request has not been merged

  1. Close the request without merging it.

  2. The developer should then Revert to Production to remove those changes from their dev mode.

If the pull request has already been merged

  1. Revert this pull request in the Github UI.

  2. Merge the “revert” pull request that is created to remove the prior changes. With a webhook setup (as outlined here), production mode will be automatically updated with these changes.

  3. All developers should then pull these changes into their developer modes. They will be notified when they enter dev mode that there are new changes to be pulled.

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