How to get a trial setup of looker

Hi Team,

I am new to looker, I want to download a trial version of looker and practice some views on it. Can you please help me in getting the setup.


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Hi @Nadir,

Do you belong to an organization that uses Looker? If so, please send me the url to your Looker instance and I’ll get you set up with a Learn account.

If not, please explain why you would like a Learn account. If your company is interested in Looker, we recommend you see a demo! You can get started here:


Hi, I am looking for a trail version to practice looker. How can i get access?

Hi @jyothisai,

Could you please provide the information mentioned above? Do you currently belong to an organization that uses Looker, or is your organization interested in trying Looker out? If your organization is currently using Looker, please provide the name of your company, and I can set you up with an account on Learn. If you are interested in adopting Looker as your organization’s data platform, please visit, and we can get the ball rolling for you!



Hello everyone. I am planning to learn Looker. What is the process to get a trial version?

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If your company is interested in evaluating Looker, I’d check out and you’ll get connected with a sales engineer who’ll give you a tour of Looker’s features. If you’re just interested in learning Looker and not necessarily purchasing it, we don’t currently have a totally open development sandbox environment (We’re hoping to soon!) but you can explore the frontend of Looker on a fun Game of Thrones dataset at

hey izzy, it would be great to know timescales on the sandbox environment?

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I don’t think we’re close enough to it to provide a timescale yet, which might be a timescale in and of itself… The game of thrones explores on paved the way to a more open sandbox, but it’s still not fully fledged.

It’s a project I’m hopefully going to be working on more actively in the later half of Q4!

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But it’s good to know there’s excitement for it 🙂 . I’m really excited about the idea of it as well.

Keep us in the loop, as i’ll definitely create some online resources to assist individuals in trying out Looker when the sandbox is launched. Allowing an individual to test it out will really help with adoption, as they will then champion it in there business if they end up loving it.

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Totally, that’s what I’m excited about too! I’ll certainly reach out, thanks for the offer.

Hi Izzy, any update on the sandbox version in the roadmap? I’m applying for a company using Looker and while Looker Training and the GoT dashboard example is a great start, I’d love to dig in and play around myself. Thanks!

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Hey Ian— No public sandbox yet. I’ll reach out to you privately to see if maybe we can set something up to help.

That would be great, thanks!

Hi Izzy, any chance I could receive a trial license for Looker or a sandbox access? Thanks!

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Hey Talia, if this is for your company then you can get a demo/trial by filling out the forms here:

If you’re personally trying to learn, I recommend you sign up for this training course which includes a sandbox for the class.