How to embed Looker into an IFRAME having a domain different from the domain of the embedding application

  • 18 November 2019
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I am researching how Looker can be embedded as an IFrame using sso on a domain which is different from the domain of the embedding application. Can any one point me to the right approach or resource on how to achieve this?

5 replies

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This works for us, we do it with all our customers. Documentation is available here. Is there a specific issue you are running into?

The issue am running into is that the iframe cannot be displayed because of cross origin domain as X-frame option is set from Looker domain to not display the iframe if domain is different and since our parent site has different url domain from our looker url domain

Example is Parent url domain :

Looker url domain :

Below is what Looker says

Proper Hosting for SSO Embedding

Some browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari at the time of this writing) default to a cookie policy that blocks “third-party” cookies. Since Looker uses cookies for user authentication, attempting to authenticate the embedded iframe across domains is not possible in these browsers (unless the user modifies their browser’s cookie privacy settings). For example, if you’d like to embed information on you’ll need to make sure that Looker is on a subdomain, such as .

If Looker is hosting your instance, please reach out to Looker Support to set up the necessary DNS configuration.

If you have a customer-hosted Looker instance, make sure that the application that will use SSO embedding is on the same base domain as your Looker instance.

Hi there Ezra,

please see my follow up question and please provide response on how to accomplish this?



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I did see a report of issues with Safari today and we are investigating. I’ll update when I have more information.

Any progress on this topic? We are facing the same issue