How to create access control on looker backend for different developers

  • 30 September 2020
  • 5 replies

I have this use case:

there are 2 developers in my project, lets call them A and B.

A is from Finance and is responsible for Revenue reporting.

B is from Product and is responsible for Product tracking.

However B cannot have visibility to data/looker backend of Person A.

I can manage data limitations but I am unable to manage backend access.

5 replies

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By backend access you mean so that they can only see specific model or view files in the File Browser?

Hi Dawid,

Thanks for your query.

Yes I want to restrict model and views at a user level.

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How would you do it in a normal environment? Would you restrict your developers from seeing certain files from a repo? How would that even work?

Yes, would prefer to have folder level control.

And be able to assign developers to each folder.

In looker, a role is a combination of permission set and model set. You should be able to create different roles per project using that combination!