How to Configure Git in Looker (3.18+)

  • 31 March 2015
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The content of this article has been replaced by new and more comprehensive material in this documentation page.

2 replies

Hi lindsey,

I am trying to add the SSH key from Looker to my repo on BitBucket, but BitBucket is not accepting the key, stating that it is too short (apparently BitBucket requires RSA keys be at least 2048 bits). Is there a way to ask Looker to generate a longer SSH key for this step?


Never mind!

This is a known issue by Looker, for which they have the following fix:

Cool, the steps are as follows:

  1. Figure out the name of the project that is having this problem.

  2. SSH onto the Looker box and cd into the Looker directory

  3. cd into deploy_keys and then into the directory that is the name of the project you want to configure

  4. delete the existing id_rsa and that are in that directory

  5. run ssh-keygen , this seems to default to 2048 bits

  6. Go to looker, reset git connection and the newly generated key will show up and you can use it

(If you’re hosted, Looker will need to take care of this for you)

The key thing to note here, is when you reset a git connection, Looker check out the deploy_keys directory. If it finds something, it uses that. If not, it generates a new one.

The above method manually generates a key via the ssh-keygen command, then Looker finds it during the git reset process and uses it.

  • from Philip, Customer Support