Google BigQuery BI Engine support?

  • 24 April 2019
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Short question: Will Looker support BigQuery BI Engine?

Info here:

9 replies

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This page suggests it will be supported:

Thanks @Jonathan_Palmer !

Now, the question is when this will be supported? 😃

@izzy any ideas?

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So right now, BI engine has some API that’s the only way to integrate with it. Data Studio works with that API, but not much else yet.

In the coming months, apparently, they’ll be releasing a SQL API, and once that’s available, it should be pretty evident how to use it w/ Looker. I don’t have a real guess as to when that is… But that’s the lay of the land!

Has there been any progress or updates on this ?

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Hey Ryan!

No official word on this yet, but as you may know, we have a slightly closer relationship with Google now 😆.

We are working on this more right now but there’s no official plan or communications yet. I’d expect to see BI Engine support land later this year.

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Having worked for a reasonably sized publicly held company in the past, I can tell you it’s unusual that future work is promised more than 1 quarter in the future. Even 1 quarter is pushing it.

Would this include integrating Google Sheets into Looker to make manual data uploads easy? Or should I submit a different feature request?

Any tentative date, When looker will start supporting BigQuery BI Engine?  

On this BQ document , It is mentioned as ‘BigQuery BI Engine seamlessly integrates with familiar tools like Data Studio and will help accelerate data exploration and analysis for Looker, Sheets, and our BI partners in the coming months’. 

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As far as I understand this is nothing to do with Looker and all to do with when the BQ team release this feature. We are on the early adopters programme and testing it out through Looker but any query you run in the reservation via whatever method should/could trigger it to run through BI engine.