Find & replace view name

  • 31 July 2015
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Is there any way to do a find and replace on the view name?

The Look validator provides some great find/replace functionality, but it seems to operate on fields, explores, and models only. It seems like views are the big missing one here. I tried using the field find/replace but only entering the view name to find/replace, and that didn’t work.

I ended up doing each field one at a time.

4 replies


I just ran into this issue the other day as well. Changed the name of a view and had to change a bunch of different looks one by one.

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@jyau, @JeffSar, so one thing you can do here is use view_label: in the join and leave the views as they were named in the original database (it’s the pattern I like to use). In the case below, the fields would retain a name like, but would be displayed as Bar Id in the user interface.

This document may be helpful: Labeling, field naming and explore naming

- explore: foo
- join: bar_ugly
view_label: Bar
foreign_key: foo.bar_id

- view: bar_ugly
- dimension: id
primary_key: true

The other really nice thing about this pattern is that if you have two different tables that relate to the same entity, you can merge them in the User interface by setting the view_label to the same thing.

@lloydtabb - That pattern definitely works for us in most cases (we use it quite frequently). This specific view that was changed was a PDT, and the reason for the name change was simplification/clarification on the development side of things, rather than the user side of thing.

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@JeffSar Thanks. Totally see that use case. wilg FYI.