Deprecation Notice: Send email from (3.32+)

  • 16 March 2016
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Looker instances historically sent email with a “from” field of when configured to use the default SMTP mail settings.

Email From Value Changed

In 3.32+, the default from email was changed as follows:

old value:

new value: ``Looker```

This change was made to improve email deliverability. Instances created prior to 3.32 have preserved the old email address as a legacy feature to allow customers to manage the migration to the new address.

Applying the Change

When you uncheck this option in the Legacy Features Panel, the new address, Looker <> will be used. Before unchecking, ensure your users update email filters that rely on the current “from” field of Looker emails.

This setting has no effect if you are using custom SMTP settings.

End of Life

This feature will be toggled offin 3.44 and removed in 3.46.

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