Default GitHub branch is not set by default

  • 31 March 2021
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Whenever my team creates a PR on our Looker repo directly on GitHub’s website, it sets the default branch as expected (“develop”).

But when we use Looker to generate the PR by using the “Open Pull Request” button, it always opens a PR in GitHub with the branch not set to default (it sets it to “master”).


Here, we can see the branch is set to master, and the “develop” default branch is in the drop-down: 


This has some unfortunate ramifications because if we forget to change it to “develop” and we then approve+merge the PR to master, it automatically kicks off a GitHub action that we have setup to release staging to production. This is, of course, is dangerous; we’ve had at least 1 unintended staging deployment in the past.


Is there anyway to fix this?

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