Can't switch branches even though no changes to commit

  • 2 March 2020
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I’ve been preparing a draft of changing the file/folder structure for our Looker instance using IDE folders. I moved files into their folders using a newly created branch.

Then I just want to leave it for now.

Unfortunately I can’t switch branches due to this


Okay so I just need to commit the changes, but that’s where it gets tricky


No changes to commit, probably because all I’m changing for now is the place of files. I’m leaving the references for now, as it’s just a proof of the concept itself…

For now I will make a whitespace change or something but it shouldn’t be required, should it?

3 replies

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Ignore it… looks like I switched off Development Mode in other window, hence the validation went through fine, even though obviously after changing dozens of files I would get a lot of errors that would stop me from committing anything anyway

I have the same bug and I can't work.

We already solved it. Deleting my user and recreating it. Regards