Beta vs. Experimental - Navigating Looker Labs Features

The Labs Menu

The Labs menu in the Admin panel is a Looker Administrator’s one stop shop for Experimental and Beta features available to their Looker instance.

There, Admins can choose to toggle each Beta and Experimental on or off depending on the particular needs for their instance.

Beta Vs. Experimental - What’s the Difference?

Beta features are features that are still under active development and are subject to change. While we are actively working to make Beta features better, we can’t guarantee that we fully support them. See more about what we mean by support here. Another way of thinking about Beta features is that if they break, we will do our best to fix them, but we can’t guarantee that they are the best choice for high-stakes workflows.

Experimental features are brand new and may not ever end up in the product as a standard feature. Experimental features might also be removed completely or drastically changed with very little warning. If you love an Experimental feature, that’s awesome! We’d love to hear about it at However, please be aware that we don’t guarantee that even our best-loved experimental features are here to stay. Please note that some experimental features might require additional steps to enable beyond just visiting the Labs menu. You will be able to find any documentation about additional steps in the Release Notes and on Discourse.

Experimental API 3.1

Now, API users can get in on the experimental action with the Looker API 3.1. Curious Lookers can access documentation by selecting 3.1 in the dropdown on the Interactive API Docs page pictured here:

This is great - how can I participate?

At Looker, our job is to create a product that is the best it can be for our customers - that’s you! So we love it when our customers want to participate in experimentation and testing our newest features. If you are a Looker Admin and you think one of the Labs features would be a great fit for your company, go ahead and enable it and give it a whirl. If you aren’t a Looker Admin, or if there is feature that you’d like to try out but don’t think it’s necessarily right for your whole Looker instance, hop over to Looker Next and take it for a spin there.

If you have any feedback about any looker feature (but especially a feature that’s still under active development) please send it to

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