[Best Practice] Manage Looker Projects

  • 11 January 2022
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Hello everyone! :hand_splayed_tone3:
In our company, we work actively with Looker on a daily basis. We are a company of 650 employees, divided in several departments (product, sales, customer success, finance, ...).
We implemented Looker when we were under 200 person in the organisation and are still managing it the same way:

1/ We have one project called “Looker Core” that replicates our data warehouse in LookML language

2/ The second project we work with is “Looker Extended”, where we add business intelligence metrics and manipulate the data before making it fully available to the end users

We are currently struggling, as we see a massive increase in the number of explores, of dimensions within explores, …

Would you have best practices to share with us regarding on how to organize our data and the explores?

We have some departments with very different needs (product and finance for example), yet sometimes information related to another department can make sense!


Thanks for your help, looking forward to hearing from you!

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