Backup/Restore and Deploy Looks/Dashboards

  • 7 July 2021
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We are pretty new to Looker so apologies ahead of time if this question is already answered. We are trying to use Git as our repository for storing LookML Models, Looks and Dashboards. The push of models is pretty easy and can be handles via the IDE. We were looking at Glazer to export looks and dashboards to a directory and then have these pushed to Git. Glazer it seems could do this BUT I saw somewhere the below comment

In Looker 21.4.18 and later, Gazer does not support migrating Looks between Looker instances.


Does this impact my use cases

  1. Ability to backup my content in Git
  2. Ability to use Git as part of my CI/CD to migrate/deploy models and content between environments Dev, QA etc



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