Ability to copy dashboards from spaces with view permission only

  • 21 September 2017
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As far as I can tell, it’s not possible for people to copy dashboards into their own space from spaces in which they only have view permission. In order to allow people to copy dashboards, we need to give them full edit permission, which is not ideal. As an analytics team, we like to design dashboards that people can copy and tweak to their liking, but we don’t want people to have the ability to edit our dashboards.

7 replies

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Hi @tnebesar,

You are correct, the permission for copying and editing are bundled together. I’ll let the product team know you’d like users to be able to copy dashboards to their space without being able to edit them.

OK, thanks @chris.seymour! Please keep me posted.

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Hi @chris.seymour,

Is there any update on this? Actually, we desperately need this feature.

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Hey @achhikara,

The permissions for copying and editing are no longer bundled together; it is now possible for users with View access to a space to copy looks and dashboards from that space.

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Ok thanks @chris.seymour.

@chris.seymour Hey Chris I am trying this and it doesn’t seem to work as expected. I am using the “save_content” permission. It seems that the ability to copy and edit the dashboard are both tied to that permission. Am I missing something?

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Hey @nathan.worrell-1631723889 ,


Users still need the save_content permission to be able to copy or edit dashboards in general.  However, if you set the access level on a particular folder to “View” for a user, that user will not be able to edit dashboards in that folder, but will still be able to copy dashboards from that folder into another folder where they have the “Manage Access / Edit” access level.  You can see more information on folder access levels here: