Working days based on multiple filters

  • 3 January 2022
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I want to calculate people’s Billability based on Gross & Net Capacity.

In order to calculate that I need the number of working days in that period.


I have the following tables:


  • A table with the calendar days so I can easily calculate the working days within a timeframe
  • Timesheets of users
  • A user list with start- & end date


Now I have a general filter based on the date of the timesheets.
I calculate the working days based on the table calendar which works fine.


However I need the working days within that filtered timeframe AND based on the start- & end date of the users. I am not sure how I can implement this last thing.




Timeframe = January 2022

Working days based on table calendar = 21 days

BUT the user has a start-date of 12 January - therefore the number of working days should be 14 days.


How can I implement something that takes into account the start & enddate?




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I guess you just need to create a dimension with an IF statement that selects the actual starting day as a basis for your working days calculation