Why does Looker keep prompting me that I will be logged out?

  • 2 June 2015
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You may see a message while logged in Looker warning that you will be logged out in 30 minutes.

This is happening because the Trusted Computer box was not checked when you last logged in to Looker. In order to stop seeing this message, check this box when you log in:

6 replies

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Hey @jbarnett! I think you should still be able to access the default login page even while using SAML. What kind of screen do you get when you get logged out of Looker?

How do you accomplish this when utilizing a third party SAML authentication to login?

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Hey Seffy,

That “Trusted Computer” checkbox should prevent the automatic logouts, interesting. Have you fully logged out and tried logging back in with the box checked?

I wonder if it didn’t work the first time since it said you were already logged in. I’d try logging out fully and then logging in again with the box checked. If it keeps happening, let us know and we can look for a different cause.

I checked the “trusted computer” box and when logged in I saw the following:

You were already logged in. No need to do authentication at this time.

However, it did log me out afterwards (I leave looker tabs open for future reference and when I go to these tabs I am logged out. If was exploring I cant get the look was creating back unless it was saved prior.

Super frustrating

I keep getting this:



Looker people?