Visualizing Percentage of Total

  • 28 May 2021
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I have a query where I am trying to visualize Site Visits by Page Type. 

The X - Axis is Page Type, the Y Axis is Site Traffic. I have pivot on it to show the Site Traffic by Page Type for this year and last three years. 


The visualization right now is a Bar Graph. I have a Table calculation to calculate the Percentage of Total for each value on the Graph. 


I want to show Percentage of Total value on top of each Bar. What is the best way to achieve this?

3 replies

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Normally I do something like this:



  1. Enable totals on your data
  2. Create table calculation Percentage of Total
  3. Change series type to line (EDIT → SERIES → TYPE → LINE)
  4. Put the second series on different axis (EDIT → Y → move field to RIGHT AXES)
  5. Sometimes I play with the maximum value of the main metric to make sure they are below the line chart (EDIT → Y → CONFIGURE AXES → Right 1 → MAXIMUM VALUE)

Hi @Dawid_Nawrot , Than you very much. This is helpful. I will try this out. 

@sundarn Honestly the best way to show percent of total could either be a stacked bar chart. Even a pie chart… although I would usually resort that to the last option. Another clean looking thing to do is just doing a simple legacy or contingency table and sorting the site traffic % of total from greatest to smallest in a table with page type to the left. This is a good way to display the raw data (number of visits to teach site within a given X time frame) but you can also show totals in the table and contingency color the percent of total in a nice muted color. It doesn’t have to be vibrant.